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Directed by: Chike Nwoffiah

For production and distribution information, contact: Chike Nwoffiah

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he Power of Forgiveness" is a documentary based on the one-man, two-act play written and performed by Carl Ray. The play is about his life growing up in Alabama. In 1962, while being questioned by a white man, Carl responded by saying "yes" and "no," instead of "yes sir" and "no sir," which was the customary response when addressing white people. Carl was severely beaten for being disrespectful. An hour later, that man went to Carl's home and shot his Father eight times as Carl looked on.

"The Power of Forgiveness" is an enthralling documentary on Ray's life and how the dreadful incident of 1962 defined his life and held him prisoner in his own skin for over 20 years. Ray's compelling story comes alive under Nwoffiah's masterful direction. Nwoffiah effectively blends narration, reenactment, archival footage, and interviews with actual witnesses of the murder and trial participants. The documentary takes us back to the 1960s and sets the social context that bred many such horrific crimes. We then follow the subsequent trauma, depression, and denial that young Ray suffered and endured for over 20 years until he met a man in 1984 that taught him about the power of forgiveness. Ray attributes the act of forgiving the man who killed his Father as saving his life. He describes it as being the most enjoyable moment of his life and a day of freedom from his self imposed prison.

"The Power of Forgiveness" is a haunting awakening to the affects of America's age-long racial injustice," said Nwoffiah. "It is a documentary that celebrates the triumph of light over darkness."

"The Power of Forgiveness" Documentary Press Release


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